Betty and Laurel are waiting at the airport for Seth and Kathy’s flight to land, but as passengers disembark the flight, there is no sign of him. Betty is concerned when there is a tannoy announcement asking her to the information desk. She is ushered into an office where she sees Kathy. Her tearstained face says it all as Kathy confirms that Seth died from a heart attack during the flight, just an hour from home. They head back to the village and Betty bravely announces the news in the pub. She orders a drink and raises a toast to Seth. Adam invites Steph for a drink at The Woolpack but she reminds him that she wants to take things slowly. It is clear they are both happy to have things back to normal. Meanwhile, Delilah is attempting to secure the curtain contract. It is doubly tricky because Carl knows she fancies him and enjoys watching her squirm. He eventually gives in and lets her have the Home Farm contract.


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