The villagers are busy preparing for Seth’s funeral but Betty remains adamant that she will not be going. A crate of booze arrives care of Kim Tate. Meanwhile, Betty seeks sanctuary in Seth's hide, where she chides him for leaving her. As if answering her, Biff arrives and asks Betty why she isn’t ready for the crematorium. Biff explains Seth would only ever have Betty's best interests at heart and surely stayed away so long because he wanted to spare Betty having to see him suffer. Betty begins to come round, but says she doesn’t like the idea of Seth being cremated as it feels too final. She’d rather wait and think about the best way to say goodbye to him. Biff agrees they can put a halt on the proceedings. The villagers are shocked by the announcement that the cremation is cancelled. As Betty insists on buying everybody a drink and asks them to join her in raising a toast to Seth Armstrong, Eric and Alan remember fond moments and Sam reads a poem. Betty reminisces about Seth as she sits in The Woolpack.


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