Debbie snogs Daz in front of Kayleigh to stop her bothering him. Kayleigh is devastated. Louise is comforting and arranges a girly night, to cheer up Kayleigh, assuring her that the right boy will come along. Kayleigh asks Louise some awkward questions about sex, which Louise dodges. Martin arrives and is taken aback by his daughter covered in make up. Louise fears she's offended Martin again. Meanwhile, Daz comments to Debbie that he hasn’t seen her at school for a while and she admits that she's been bunking off. Daz thinks that if he throws a party then Debbie will make some new friends and stay at school more. The party later gets into full swing and Daz is gutted to see Debbie kissing one of the lads from school. Worrying she might sleep with him and later regret it, Daz runs for help. When Lisa turns up and sees a horrified Debbie she drags her out off the door, leaving her utterly humiliated. Pearl, having just returned from her holiday goes to visit Betty. She excitedly shows off her holiday pictures but is mortified when Betty eventually tells her about Seth.


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