Laurel decides that her love for Ashley is all that matters and that she doesn’t need Nicola’s frills at the wedding. Both Laurel and Ashley agree that they want a simple wedding and despite Nicola's regret, Laurel insists it's her and Ashley's day, not Nicola's. As Ashley heads off to work, Laurel flippantly wishes they could get married tomorrow. It's the day of Seth’s burial and Betty is being evasive, insisting she’d rather say goodbye to Seth on her own, whilst the committal takes place. Ashley can’t fathom why Betty would miss it, but Betty has her own reasons. The villagers speculate about Betty's whereabouts as Seth's eco-coffin is buried. And then, in the absence of a planned wake, they troupe off to The Woolpack to raise a glass to the master poacher himself. Betty, Laurel and the Dingles eventually join the group. Ashley spots they all have muddy shoes, but agrees it's best he doesn’t ask any questions. With everybody in attendance, the villagers raise a final toast to Seth.


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