After Ashley announces their banns in church, Laurel shocks him by declaring that she wants to marry him that day. After a bit of persuasion Ashley agrees and says that he wants the bishop to do the service so Laurel goes off to find him. The bishop is dubious about the sudden wedding but on hearing Laurel say that Seth’s death has taught her to live for the moment, he agrees. Nicola allows Laurel to drive the bishop to Emmerdale in the two-seater, leaving her desperately trying to get a taxi. Nicola eventually flags down a mini-bus and finds herself surrounded by residents from a local old folks' home, telling them that if they give her a lift they can come to the wedding. Back at the village, Laurel is touched when Betty digs out the dress she wore when she married Wally, saying that she’d love Laurel to wear it. Laurel says that she would have loved Seth to have given her away and Betty offers instead. As the service is about to begin there is surprise when Nicola turns up with a gaggle of pensioners. Meanwhile, one of the elderly men, Sandy, notes Ashley's name on the church and asks Victoria where Reverend Thomas lives.


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