Kelly makes her way to Jimmy's for their date and bumps into Sadie, who takes delight in telling her that Jimmy is only using her to get over his grief and will drop her when he's bored. Kelly later admits to Jimmy that she's worried he is ashamed of her and asks him if they can go public. Meanwhile, Ashley is still furious about Sandy turning up out of the blue and calls him a cab, not wanting to hear his tales. Laurel insists that he tell her about his history and after divulging some information she feels there's more to this than Ashley is prepared to admit. Also, Viv tells Lesley that she's put the prices up in the shop to raise money for her wedding. She is determined that her wedding will be better than Laurel's. Lesley is outraged, but knowing that she can't afford to lose her job, she is forced to keep quiet.


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