As the verdict for Trash's inquest is revealed to be accidental death, Jack feels Trash has been let down by society. He decides to hold a funeral, but is even more disappointed when he is the only attendee.


Henry tells Frank he's discovered that George is the major shareholder in East Pennine Investments, of which Dale Properties is a subsidiary. Both conclude that revenge is the motive in evicting Frank. Reverend Ruskin and Jack return from Trash's inquest, the verdict is accidental death. Jack feels like Trash has been let down by society. He wants to arrange a decent funeral for Trash. The Woolpack runs out of crisps. Alison tries to get Amos to serve sandwiches. Jack flirts with Alison. Peggy wants to buy some furniture for her and Matt's house from a catalogue. Joe shows interest in wanting to buy a motorbike. Jack discovers George has gone to London; he offers to look after the Forge when Frank and Janie go on their honeymoon and says he may be able to help them with George. They give him the ring to look after ready for the wedding. Janie tells Frank she'd rather spend the money on something useful than go to Spain on their honeymoon. Jack makes a frustrated phone call. George is back from London and receives a phone call about East Pennine Investments from a newspaper before hanging up. Laura arrives at Miffield Hall, she says she's back to see Jack. Alison has an interest in reading Jack's book. Trash's funeral is a lonely occasion with only Jack in attendance. Annie notices that Henry is feeling lonely. George walks up to Jack outside the church saying he wants a word with him.


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Jack Sugden: "Has it got around yet what I had for breakfast?"
Joe Sugden: "Well, they wouldn't be interested in that. Only who you had it with."

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