After a night of passion, Lesley proudly reports to Simon that she and Rodney are together. Simon confronts Rodney, who admits that last night was a drunken mistake and Simon orders him to put Lesley straight. He tells Lesley it shouldn’t have happened but is shocked when she agrees. Meanwhile, Kelly is horrified when, after some help from Sadie, a Mrs Connors walks in to The Woolpack and announces Kelly didn’t have a modelling contract but had posed topless. She also makes it clear that everything Kelly has financially was leeched from her own husband. Also, Toni is continuing with the game that she's using Paddy and flaunts a pricey looking engagement ring in front of Jo. Jo flips and accuses Paddy of being too silly to realise Toni's a gold-digger and blurts out that Toni isn’t Fireblade. Paddy laughs that the joke is on her because he found out days ago.


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