Rodney is horrified to learn that Lesley still hasn’t got the message that he's not interested when he discovers that she has declared herself his significant other for an upcoming council do. That evening Rodney goes to the pub and is about to come clean with Lesley when an opportunistic Kelly grabs his arm and says she's going to the council do with him, prompting Lesley to flee in a flood of tears. Rodney is pleased to have solved his dilemma as he spends the evening with Kelly. Simon later gives Rodney a piece of his mind and clouts him for treating his mother so badly. Rodney feels awful. Meanwhile, at the council do a drunk Councillor Ledbetter is complaining that his wife is away and quick thinking Val responds by saying that she's heard that the stiff looking new Mayor Angela, would love Ledbetter to loosen her up. Eric and Val watch in amusement as Ledbetter makes an outrageous pass at an extremely unimpressed Angela, who, unbeknownst to him, is a lesbian!


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