Eric is desperate to step into Ledbetter's shoes and sets about schmoozing the Mayor. Angela says she would welcome the idea of Eric sitting on the committee if it weren't for the fact that his partner is currently facing a criminal conviction. Eric's devastated when Angela gives him an ultimatum - Val or the committee. The village realise that Rodney and Kelly are an item. Paul is disgusted when Kelly comes downstairs having spent the night with Rodney. Kelly enjoys her walk of shame from Mill Cottage and when she passes Jimmy she comments that now she has a proper sugar daddy. As word spreads about Kelly and Rodney the news is met with disgust, but Rodney is thrilled to be at the centre of the gossip and tells Paul that he plans to have fun with Kelly. Dawn asks Jo to move into Connelton View. Donna takes the bike that Lisa has been doing up out for a test ride. Andy, Dawn, Jo and Danny all go to watch and take it in turns to ride the bike. Jo tells Andy that she has spotted a spark between Danny and Dawn, but Andy is sure they are just mates. Donna wants to buy the bike but when she says she can't afford it they all decide to chip in. They get excited about a motocross event on Sunday, but Jo complains that she doesn't know how she would get there. Marlon arranges to view Dale View but is annoyed when Donna misses their appointment. Viv offers Toni a job as a general assistant and driver. Carl helps Jimmy move out of Dale View and into Home Farm. Eric tells Matthew that he could be useful to him if he gets on the planning board.


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