Steph and Adam are disappointed when their day out at the races is cancelled due to rain. They agree that they should continue to make the most of the day and Adam leans in for a kiss, but they are interrupted by Val who steals Adam's attention with a long tale of woe. An irate Steph later then threatens Val not to mess things up for her, viciously grabbing her hair and warning her to stay away from the doctor. Over at Connelton View, Dawn finds Jo and Danny crashed out the sofa and wrongly assumes that something happened between them. Jo puts her straight and realising how Dawn feels about Danny she sets about playing cupid. Meanwhile, the factory girls are horrified to learn that Eric has been so cruel to Val, and Del decides that they should teach him a lesson. When Eric comes into the factory they all ignore him. He tries to give his side of the story, but when the girls remain silent he gives up and goes home.


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