Jack suggests to Diane that she end her feud with Val, pointing out that she has tried to put things right by returning the money. Diane doesn’t think this is enough but she is left thoughtful when Victoria reminds her that Val stood by Diane when they thought she was going to die. Diane later apologies to her sister and offers to let her stay at The Woolpack. Val declines her offer, determined to stand on her own two feet. Over at the B&B, Adam plays Steph at her own game and locks her in a bedroom in an attempt to force her to talk. Steph panics and shouts until he gives her the key and she quickly unlocks the door. As she calms down, she tells Adam that she was locked in a cellar once and spent hours in the dark. Adam assumes that Alan ill-treated Steph but she corrects him, admitting that her brother sexually abused her as a child. Meanwhile, with Simon and Ivan off sick, Carl is forced to work on the bins and Del offers to help him. When they finish their work, Carl gives Del a lift home and she invites him in. Carl spots some pictures of Chas with her army mates and it is clear that he feels jealous.


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