Steph wishes that she hadn't told Adam about her past, saying that all it has done has made her feel helpless. She tells Adam that she wants him out of her life and asks him to pack his bags. Adam chases Steph as she storms out of the B&B. He calms her down and Steph says he doesn't have to leave if he doesn't want to be that whatever they had is over but Adam insists Steph must talk to Alan. Later that day, Steph goes to visit Alan at Betty's house as he has just returned from hospital. They talk about the past and Alan admits that Steph was a very difficult child. Steph comments that Terence was the favourite and that he received all of the love. Alan is astounded at how strongly Steph feels about this and is protective of his son when Steph says that Terence was a bully. Alan says that he feels it's the other way around as Steph put Terence into hospital after hitting him with a brick. Steph reaches boiling point and says that she wanted to kill him because he raped her when she was eleven. Alan does not react well to the accusations Steph makes. Alan thinks Adam's responsible for her making the accusations against Terence and tells her she needs help. He tells Steph that he doesn't want to see her anymore. Steph is devastated. Carl and Del go on a picnic and it's clear that they enjoy each other's company. Carl introduces Del to his father, but Tom is not impressed and tells Carl that he thought he'd have learned his lesson after dating Chas. Despite this, the three of them have lunch in The Woolpack and Del turns on the charm. By the end of the meal Tom appears to have warmed to her and he apologies to Carl saying that she seems like a really nice girl. Val asks Del to sound out the Kings about her letting Dale View. Martin asks Louise to look after Kayleigh while he works. Diane worries that Louise is taking on a lot. Ivan is happy to be working on a Sunday and tells Simon he is getting double time.


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  • This episode was broadcast at the slightly earlier time of 6.50pm.
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