Steph tries to see her father, but he wants nothing to do with her. Betty shames her over the damage she's done to her father. When Steph realises that he won't listen to her, she tells Alan that Terence didn’t really rape her and that she was lying yesterday. Alan is appalled that she could lie about something so serious but she insists that she wanted to make him listen. She says that Terence did bully her but confesses that she has exaggerated the truth. Alan goes off, needing time to think. He tells Betty that he's starting to see both he and Steph have things to regret. Betty encourages him to find Terence, but he says the past is best left behind. Meanwhile, Adam asks Steph how things went with Alan and is horrified to learn that she has changed her story. Initially he makes his disapproval clear, but seeing her upset he tells her that he’ll continue to support her. Elsewhere, Tom tells Carl that Eric wants the Kings to go to Spain to help out with his twinning project. Tom doesn’t want to get involved, but Carl sees it as an opportunity for Del to get the break that she needs. Del is thrilled and tells her family about the trip. She explains that Eric is expecting the Kings but as only Carl wants to go she is going instead. Zak comments that it would be even better if they all went. Simon feigns illness to get off work and get sympathy from Nicola. Ivan catches him, but covers for him by suggesting to a flustered Nicola that they both go to the pub. Over dinner the ice is broken when Louise and Martin are amused to find that Louise has accidentally added two tablespoons of chili instead of teaspoons. They kiss, but are interrupted when Martin's babysitter calls, asking him to come home. Louise is left alone and disappointed.


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