Louise admits to Martin that she really like him but as they kiss, Kayleigh walks in and disturbs them. They clang teeth and Louise cuts her lip. When Kayleigh makes it clear she is expecting her to stay the night, Louise gets embarrassed and makes a sharp exit before going home to tell Diane about the disastrous date. Meanwhile, Sandy arrives on Ashley’s doorstep only to learn from Daz that Ashley is on his honeymoon. Daz takes him to Betty’s where Sandy is quick to get his feet under the table. Elsewhere, Paul asks Ivan why he doesn’t want to make a go of things with Toni and Ivan explains that he has his eye on someone else. Later that evening Emily realises that Nicola is still carrying a torch for Ivan even though she denies it. A few drinks turns into a party at Mulberry Cottage and Paul is stunned when Ivan makes it clear he is attracted to him and kisses him.


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