Beckindale is invaded by gypsies to the fury of some villagers. Meanwhile, Joe is annoyed at Glenda leaving the gate open but his rage soon turns to love. Also, Phyllis arrives in the village and tells Dolly that she won't allow her to make another mistake like Richard.


Beckindale is invaded by a group of gypsies who have moved onto the village green, much to the anger of some of the villagers. Outside the village, where Joe is ploughing, a girl called Glenda perches in a tree taking photographs of battered old truck and trailer that belong to the gypsies. Joe asks her to leave his field because she has left the gate open but it isn't before they start a conversation that ends with Joe inviting her to a young farmers barn dance the following night. In her room at The Malt Shovel, Mrs Acaster and Dolly fight. Mrs Acaster tells her daughter that another mistake like Roper mustn't happen again and that she's going to take Dolly away from Beckindale as farm life won't suit her. Dolly can't believe her ears but Mrs Acaster has no doubts in her own mind. Dolly is coming back to Darlington.


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