The atmosphere is frosty in the Kings office and Jimmy can't help himself from making snide comments about Tom and Sadie. As they pack Christmas hampers at the Village Hall, Pearl notices Jarvis is deep in thought and asks if he is thinking about Freda. Jarvis replies that if he was it would make the day the same as every other day for many years and asks her to mind her own business. Pearl says he will regret it if he doesn't speak to Freda but Jarvis ignores her. Later the dance gets underway and Jarvis freezes when he sees Freda walk in. Convinced that he has been set up, Jarvis storms out. Edna confronts Freda and suggests she stay away but Freda is adamant that she has the right to speak to Jarvis and goes to find him. As they talk Freda suggests a dance and Jarvis eventually agrees and they head back inside to the dance floor. Afterwards Freda admits that she's unsure she can still say goodbye and asks Jarvis to go to Spain with her. Jarvis claims she is just playing games and would end up changing her mind about him like she always does. Wishing she had never asked, Freda leaves. Sandra is furious that Craig has paid off the balance of the housing development with Matthew. Later in the pub, Sandra's guilt gets the better of her and she takes Paddy outside before confessing the truth about the Kings being behind the dead calves to get the land. Stunned, Paddy walks away. Bob begins to lose patience with Viv's wedding obsession and fears he will look like a penguin if he has to wear a morning suit. He decides to book them a holiday to escape for a while but Viv refuses to leave her wedding plans behind. Daz realises that his ferret is missing.


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