One of the gypsies causes controversy in the village, which Joe manages to put right. Meanwhile, Donald receives a phone call threatening the play school.


A crowd has gathered in the street, surrounding Jed the gypsy. The crowd leaders are Pike and Mrs Bullock. Joe arrives, demanding to know what's going on. It appears that Jed has a dead fox on the back of his truck, which Pike and Mrs Bullock think he shouldn't have. Jed only wants to bury it and after a row, with threats from Pike and Mrs Bullock, Joe takes the gypsy away to bury the fox outside the village. That evening, Annie angers Sam when she announces that she is going down to the Village Hall to help set up chairs and things for tomorrows play school. At the village hall, Annie and Donald are setting up tables and chairs when there is a phone call. Hinton goes to answer it and is shocked. It's a threat about the play school and he admits he's had another at the Vicarage. He's now apprehensive about going ahead with the scheme but Annie insists that to back down now would do their cause no good at all.


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