As Lisa heads off to visit Granny Clegg, and the rest of the Dingles celebrate Christmas in The Woolpack, Belle is left in the care of Shadrach. When Daz calls round with Spike the ferret, Belle is intrigued by the animal. As drunk Shadrach sleeps, Belle lets the ferret out and follows him outside. When Daz realises she is missing he tracks her down but a frightened Belle runs away from him and terrified, she slips and falls down a mine shaft. As Daz panics and tries to help her he loses his footing and also becomes trapped. Meanwhile, Cain is still angry at Debbie and unwilling to forgive her for giving away his grandchild. Whereas Zak reminds Debbie how much she is loved by the Dingles and after seeing her devastation he reluctantly forgives her and tries to understand.


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Belle Dingle: "I don't like Granny Clegg, she smells and she's got a mustache!"

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