With Matthew due to take control of the business the following day, he and Sadie agree that they will have to wait a bit longer before announcing they are together, to avoid suspicion. Later, Jimmy returns home and picks up on a moment of intimacy between Matthew and Sadie. As the realisation hits him that they are an item, Jimmy is left humiliated. He is quick to tell Tom of his discovery but Tom is convinced he is being paranoid. Frustrated, Jimmy insists he will get proof and quizzes Louise about places Matthew used to take her when they were dating. Meanwhile, Tom watches Sadie and Matthew closely as he is secretly haunted by Jimmy's words. Meanwhile, Nicola is down in the dumps with Simon still away and she fears their relationship is becoming dull. Laurel decides a New Year's Eve party in order to lift her spirits. Elsewhere in the village, Bob wonders whether his children resent him for being an absent father. Val overhears and suggests he get in touch with them to find out. Bob builds up the courage to call.


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