As Tom prepares to hand over the business to Matthew, he can’t get Jimmy’s suspicions out of his head. The official handover gets underway but is interrupted by the owner of the guest house that Sadie and Matthew frequented. Jimmy smugly asks her to confirm the affair but when she can’t and Jimmy realises in horror that Sadie has scuppered his plans. When Tom stalls, Matthew fears all is lost but Sadie refuses to be beaten. She finds Tom and tries to manipulate him into believing that Jimmy is lying, but Tom claims she's been trying to rip his family apart from day one. Tom throws Sadie out of the house, the business and the family. Nicola is convinced that Ivan is up to something as he continues to make confidential phone calls. She goes through his mobile phone, convinced he has got a new girlfriend. Meanwhile, Rodney is annoyed that Kelly has used his credit card to pay for a hot tub but Kelly is defensive, claiming that she doesn’t need his cash because she's got a new job as an actress.


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