Paul gets annoyed with Ivan's desire to keep their relationship quiet. Viv looks for ways to reward Bob, and Val gives her a few good ideas. Matthew drowns in self-pity and shuts Edna out.


Paul and Ivan begin to get friendly at Mill Cottage, but are interrupted by Nicola. Paul struggles to understand why Ivan wants to keep their relationship quiet. After a heart to heart Ivan admits he has never been in a relationship with a bloke, and reckons Paul doesn’t know how hard it is for him to come to terms with. An understanding Paul agrees to keep the relationship under wraps. Elsewhere, Viv wants to make Bob happy as he has been so accommodating with all her wedding ideas. Val tries to persuade Viv that the perfect way would be to get Josh and Carly to attend the wedding. Meanwhile, after more taunting from Jimmy, Matthew drowns his sorrows over Sadie in The Woolpack. A concerned Edna tries to cheer him up, but Matthew shuts her down and insists he is fine.


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