Betty is troubled by last night's mystery caller and decides to call the number back. She discovers it is in fact the Salvation Army in Hull. Worried Betty tells Alan. She reminds him that if he doesn’t act now he will always wonder ‘what if?’, and so the two of them head off to Hull. Terence covers his shame at living in a hostel by angrily having a go at Alan for turning up unannounced. Meanwhile, Paul’s attempts to reconcile with Ivan are stopped short when Ivan is firm he now wants to keep his private life private. Paul heads to the pub to drown his sorrows and finds a friendly ear in the unlikeliest person. Elsewhere, when Simon and Lesley return to the village, Simon is annoyed to see Nicola with shopping bags and a row ensues. Reeling from their argument, Simon turns on Lesley and blames her for his and Nicola’s troubles. Bob is shocked when Viv reveals he has a daughter by ex-wife Vonda Lockhart.


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Memorable dialogue

Viv Windsor: "Once again a past Mrs Hope produces a little Hope to remind the current Mrs Hope there is no more hope of anymore Hopes."

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