As Donna and Kelly look through wedding magazines, Donna confides about Viv’s warnings that she’ll look like Tricia in her choice of wedding dress. Up in Marlon’s bedroom they are shocked to stumble across Tricia's wedding gown. Donna can’t resist trying on the dress but is horrified when Marlon walks in. Elsewhere, Alan apologises to Terence for mentioning Steph’s allegations. Alan is desperate to understand Steph's claims and Terence thinks it may relate back to Alan's drinking and fighting with their mother when they were younger and that she may have misinterpreted the cuddles he gave her. Alan, having got the answers he wanted, asks him if he’ll return to the village. Alice and Sam attend an antenatal class surrounded by happy expectants. Sam announces in the class they are struggling with Alice's cancer and all eyes turn to them. At home Alice tells Sam he should not have said anything as she doesn’t want to think about the NHL, she just wants the chance to be a normal mum.


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