After a heart to heart with Diane, Marlon asks Donna to meet him and she arrives to find the lounge full of heart shaped balloons. He apologises for the way he has been acting over Tricia and reveals that he has been having dreams about her. Donna feels uneasy that he is still having dreams about Tricia and confides in Bob that she is having wedding doubts. Meanwhile, Jo returns early from a date and finds Dawn, Danny and Scott on the sofa watching television. As her evening was cut short, Jo wants to go out for a pint. However, Scott is still tagged and Danny wants to stay in with Dawn. Jo teases Dawn and Danny about being an old married couple. Also, Alice feels patronised when the nurse re-iterates that in the third trimester the risk from chemo to her baby is small. Alice is adamant that she won’t put the child in danger and remains determined that she will not undergo treatment until after the baby is born.


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