After Alice’s scan is assessed, she is informed that the baby is in distress and she will need a caesarean section. Aware of the risks of caesarean birth, a frightened Alice urges Lisa to contact Sam. Alice is fetched to go to theatre but with no sign of Sam she spills her heart to Lisa, telling her that if something should happen to her she has to tell Sam how much she loves him and that he must be strong for their son. Elsewhere, Danny confronts Dawn over her desire to throw Jo’s birthday party at the house rather than the pub, believing Scott wants it at home so he can spend time with Dawn. Dawn states that it's because she's skint but Danny doesn’t believe her. Scott pushes the boat out by buying champagne but Danny can’t stand seeing Scott worming his way in and storms out to the pub instead. Meanwhile, Chas arrives home from hospital and is touched by the effort everyone has made, but she quickly spots Del and demands to know why she is there. Amid the chaos, Lisa calls and reports that Alice is about to give birth.


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