Sam and Alice watch as their baby is delivered and the umbilical cord is cut and clamped. The pair are worried when the baby is taken away but a nurse explains he is fine, he just needs help with his breathing and has been taken to an incubator. The Dingles arrive and when Zak introduces himself to ‘Sam’s son’, Belle thinks he means Samson. Zak begins to explain but Sam says Seth used to have a horse named Samson and he likes the name. Meanwhile, at Jo’s party, Dawn is pleased that Danny has made an appearance. However, Scott feels uncomfortable by Danny's presence and provokes him by challenging him to a drinking contest, which Danny loses. Danny storms out and later, at home, bolstered by alcohol, makes a drunken declaration of love to Dawn. Also, Carl arrives home from the hospital emotionally drained and explains to Tom he's been at the hospital with the Dingles before quickly admitting he's back with Chas. Carl braces himself for an ear-bashing.


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