A dejected Danny goes to Connelton View and drunkenly shouts his love for Dawn, insisting Scott is no good for her. Dawn goes to the door and tells him to stop making a fool of himself but when a smug Scott appears, Danny goads him until he's wound-up enough to land a punch. Dawn is appalled by Scott's behaviour and tells him that she wants him out of the house. Over at the hospital, Alice and Sam stroke baby Samson through the incubator. When he misses a few breaths, Alice panics but Sam tickles his foot, reminding him to keep breathing. The doctor approaches and reveals Samson got a lot stronger over the weekend. Alice is thrilled to hear Samson is doing well and urges Sam to start making preparations for their wedding. Meanwhile, Toni decides to give Paddy a makeover, certain that it will help him to attract the ladies! Paddy isn’t keen on the idea.


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