Sam tries his hardest to boost a gloomy Alice but nothing seems to lift the shadow that is looming over her. Sam takes her to see Samson but she insists that it’s all pointless as she is going to die anyway. Sam is stunned by her brutal words but his attention is soon diverted when Samson’s alarm goes off. Sam and Alice stand by feeling hopeless as the nurses resuscitate their tiny baby. As he begins to breathe the nurse reassures them that Samson’s a fighter. Alice tells Sam that if Samson can fight, then so can she, and Alice decides that she will go ahead with the chemo. Meanwhile, when Dawn and Jo find a hung over Scott in a state of undress with a one night stand, Dawn is left desperate to get rid of him. Dawn later finds Danny and tentatively asks a favour - she wants Danny to report Scott to the police for assault. Elsewhere, Viv is desperate to get her wedding into the local paper and when the journalist informs her that he needs an angle she tells him that her rabbit, Buffy, is her chief wedding planner. She lies that the rabbit has already chosen the dresses, rings and hairstyles.


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