Sam finds Alice talking through her first chemo treatment with the doctors and wanting no more secrets between them, Alice makes sure Sam understands what will happen. As Alice has her first lumbar puncture, Sam can only cling on to her hand. With Alice in pain afterwards, Sam tries to take her mind off things. Having benefited from Sam’'s support, Alice now just wants to rest and tells Sam to go and see Samson and give him her love. Meanwhile, Viv reluctantly allows Scott to move in with her and he goes to collect his belongings from Connelton View. Jo is unpleasantly surprised to walk in and find Scott has made himself at home but she can’t help but smile at his audacity as he cheekily pours a glass of wine. Scott complains about Dawn and Jo is quick to defend her, telling him how hard she works. As the pair finish a bottle of wine together, Scott leans in for a kiss. Jo pushes him away but Dawn walks in and catches them in a compromising position.


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