An angry Dawn tells Jo that she’ll have to find somewhere else to live, but when she later calms down she realises that she can’t afford to lose any more friends and offers an apology. Scott sees the two girls in The Woolpack and he tries to stir up trouble between them. He is left humiliated as they publicly tease him and he decides that he wants revenge. Scott makes a vicious phone call. Meanwhile, it's the morning of Zak’s birthday and the Dingles decide to take their party to the hospital so that Alice can be a part of the celebrations. Alice returns from her Hickman line procedure and though she's surprised to see the Dingles she tries her best to appear bright. After cake, music and games, the Dingles decide to go and visit Samson and an exhausted Alice watches them leave, regretful she can’t go and see Samson too. Elsewhere, Ashley becomes increasingly angered by his family and when Laurel questions him he explains that not only is his father frustrating him but Jasmine has been expelled from school.


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