When Ashley breaks the news to Jasmine that her parents are not returning, Jasmine asks if she can stay and go to school locally. When Ashley hesitates, unsure, Jasmine assumes he doesn’t want her either and feeling upset, she leaves to be alone. Laurel is aghast at Ashley's insensitivity and insists that she is happy to be a guardian to Jasmine. Meanwhile, Sam returns home from hospital with Alice. Lisa tells Sam and Alice about preparations the Dingles will need to make in the house for Samson’s homecoming. Tired from the upheaval of coming home, Alice is touched by the Dingles’ enthusiastic plans but is clearly very frail. Elsewhere, Nicola opens up to Laurel, stating she knows she's being silly about Ivan but can’t get him out of her head, especially as the spark between her and Simon has petered out. Sensible Laurel urges Nicola to stick it out with Simon if she still loves him.


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