Simon receives a surprise visit from his old flame Natasha Abbott. Later, Simon reveals to Lesley that Tash is in a position to pay him back the £3,000 that she owes him and has also insisted that he accept an additional £2,000 as a thank you. Thinking the money will ease their relationship problems, Lesley urges Simon to tell Nicola. Meanwhile, Terence has been offered a job with the Kings and ponders where to live. Alan feels that he may have outstayed his welcome at Betty’s and reveals that he's considering buying Tug Ghyll, inviting Terence to live with him. Elsewhere, Pearl is shocked when her estranged grandson Owen Hartborne turns up in the café after a ten-year absence. Owen admits that he hasn’t told his mum where he is, but that he just wanted to see his Nana. After calling his mum, Pearl reports that she wants Owen back on the next flight to Hong Kong.


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