Betty manages to stop Steph from leaving the village for good when she tentatively states that if there is any truth in her abuse claim, Terence will have won if she runs. Sensing Betty has some doubts about Terence, Steph gains strength and tracks Terence down. Refusing to allow him to control her life, Steph threatens to tell the village what he did to her as a child unless he leaves. Claiming that Terence's charm is already wearing thin, Steph believes Betty has seen through him and others will too. Thrown about Betty and worried about people overhearing, Terence threatens that it was a long time ago and that she should have got over it by now. Meanwhile, Nicola has organised a budget-friendly DVD night in for her and Simon. Nicola tells Simon she is hopeful that their relationship has turned a corner. Elsewhere, Pearl decides to tell Owen the truth about his dad. Pearl explains to Owen that Frank spent a lot of time in prison and that he was kept in the dark by his mum to avoid getting a hard time at school.


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