Nicola flicks through Simon’s phone and is horrified to discover several texts and phone calls to and from Tash. Nicola is convinced that Simon is having an affair but Lesley explains about the money Tash has paid back, forcing her to confront Simon. He explains that he was testing her abilities to live without lots of money and believes she's more in love with the lifestyle they used to have. Furious at being tested, Nicola takes off her engagement ring. Lesley takes Simon to the pub where he admits he doesn’t love Nicola and an appalled Lesley heads back but to hear Nicola confess she's not sure she wants to be engaged to Simon anymore. Elsewhere, Alan tells Terence that his offer on Tug Ghyll has been accepted but he reveals that he is having problems re-mortgaging the B&B because of his age and health. Len suggests he and Terence have a joint mortgage to make it easier but Terence is rather reticent. Meanwhile, at The Woolpack, Paul mentions that Steph hasn’t been around recently. Betty finds Steph in a state and reports back to Adam, determined something should be done about Terence and suggesting they call the police after all. Adam is firm that if Steph doesn’t want that, there's nothing they can do.


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