Lesley and Ivan force Simon and Nicola together for a head to head to sort out their differences. Simon traces their problems back to when he lost the business and is adamant that Nicola only wanted Simon the entrepreneur, not Simon the man. Nicola is hurt and claims the problem is that he has lost his drive and ambition. As the discussion descends into hurtful mud-slinging the couple agree their relationship is over. Nicola is adamant that Simon will be moving out of Mulberry Cottage but Simon insists the house is his! Meanwhile, Adam insists that Steph join him for a drink in The Woolpack and when Terence enters Adam insists that Steph stay. Terence points out to Jimmy that it's strange Adam would choose to be with Steph considering her history. Casting aspersions on Adam's sanity, Jimmy jokes that birds of a feather flock together. The remark leaves Terence thoughtful. Also, Alan breaks the news to Terence that the joint mortgage has been turned down because of Terence being blacklisted for his debts. Terence claims it was just a few forgotten bills but Alan is worried about the extent of his debts.


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