Ivan offers Nicola some support over her break up and she finds herself falling for him even more. As he offers a shoulder to cry on, Nicola mistakes his concern for attraction and finds herself staring at him adoringly. Ivan's perturbed by Nicola's affection and can’t help but wonder if she's trying to make a pass at him. Paul apologises to Ivan for going through his phone and to prove his trust asks Rodney if he can give Ivan a key to the house. Rodney is unsure but Paul reveals how much Ivan means to him. Ivan is touched when Paul later gives him the key and afterwards Paul confides in Diane that he may have finally found Mr Right. Meanwhile, Terence is evasive as Alan probes him about his debt but finally admits he owes £20,000. Alan visits the B&B and reveals to Steph that he is using the B&B as a guarantee against a loan for Terence. Terence is grateful when Alan explains he is paying off his debts for him but Steph's fears deepen.


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