Having been invited for dinner at Mill Cottage, Nicola makes a special effort and dresses to kill. Later, having had too much to drink Nicola makes a pass at Ivan. Feeling bitter about being rejected, Nicola takes Rodney aside and expresses her concern that Paul will end up heartbroken as she doesn’t think Ivan is really gay. Rodney starts to worry for Paul and Nicola is satisfied that she's made him suspicious. Elsewhere, Aaron arrives but clearly doesn’t want to spend time with Chas. Carl advises Chas to get to know Sandra, Gordon’s new partner, to impress Aaron. Aaron sees through the plan and deliberately calls Sandra ‘Mum’ to hurt Chas. Later Aaron heads straight to his room and despite Carl's reassurance, Chas realises she's got a lot of work ahead. Also, Louise is dreading the thought of singing at the curry-oke night. Louise practices a few songs and, having been listening in, Diane decides to tell her the truth about how bad her singing is so that she doesn’t make herself look a fool. Louise, however, mistakes Diane's concern for jealousy and tells her that when she gets up to sing there will be a lot of surprised people.


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