Chas sends Aaron packing when he hits her where it hurts Aaron plays up when Chas won't let him visit Shadrach and Del. Angry that she won't let him do as he likes, he tells her what he heard about Carl and Del sleeping together. Chas storms over to confront Del at the factory and Val quickly calls Carl for back-up. Del tries to convince Chas that she never slept with Carl but when Carl arrives he launches into an apology, stating that he and Del only slept together once and it meant nothing. Chas is furious. Back at Victoria Cottage, Aaron watches as Carl fights for their relationship but Chas insists it's over and orders him leave. After he goes Chas turns to Aaron, accusing him of wanting to see her hurt and humiliated. Aaron calls home and asks Gordon to come and get him. As a row builds, A hurt Chas points out that that Aaron will soon be playing second fiddle to the new baby and Aaron bites back saying he's happy with Sandra, Chas is the one who's ruined his life. He's not surprised that Carl wanted someone else. Chas is left devastated. Viv and Bob get a shock when Jean Hope arrives. Dawn's baffled but Jean explains that Jamie couldn't come as he had affairs of the heart to deal with, so she used the airfare instead. Viv is certain that Jean is there to cause trouble, and orders Bob to tell her to leave. Jean insists to Bob that she's only there to wish he and Viv well and promises to try and convince Jamie to come to the wedding after all. Bob tries to reassure Viv but Viv is adamant that Jean is trying to split them up. Ashley finds Lisa to report that Debbie stayed at the vicarage last night. Lisa tells Ashley that's she's past caring and she's had enough of Debbie's appalling behaviour. Later, with nowhere else to go, Jasmine persuades Ashley to let Debbie stay another night.


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