It is the morning of the double wedding and whilst Viv panics that Bob has gone forever, Donna worries that she hasn’t been completely honest with Marlon about Max and she heads off to the Dingles’. Once with Marlon, Donna reveals that she has had wobbles since day one and tells him that she was in love with Max. Marlon is taken aback. Meanwhile, Jean turns up at a hotel to pick Bob up, telling him she has come to take him to the wedding. In the car, when Bob points out that she has driven past the turning for Emmerdale, she slams on her brakes and begs Bob to give their relationship another chance. She locks the doors of the car and tells him he cannot get out until he promises to go back to Spain with her. Bob tries to let her down gently but she refuses to back off. Bob is left with no other option than to wrestle for the central locking and he manages to unlock the door and escape. As a distraught Jean drives off, Bob realises he is left alone miles away from Emmerdale. Back at the village, a desolate Viv accepts that Bob isn’t coming back and calls the wedding off. As she heads to the bridge alone, Bob jumps out of a car and explains to her that Jean had abducted him. She is not convinced and throws her bouquet at him which pushes him into the river. As Viv turns to head off, Bob explains that he has had a vasectomy reversal and that is why he disappeared.


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