Alan is taken to hospital and explains to Steph about Terence's confession and begs for her forgiveness. Steph can't believe that it has taken this to persuade him that she is truthful. Alan feels a failure as a father, not only because of not realising that the abuse was going on, but also because he raised two such troubled children. Steph questions how Alan could have failed to notice that there was a problem. He desperately tries to tell her that he didn't know about the abuse, but Steph doesn't believe him and is angry that he didn't protect her. Matthew has a go at Tom for hiring out Sadie's horse. Matthew calls Lynda from the B&B. He calls for a taxi to come and pick her up and they have a cosy night in at Victoria Cottage whilst Chas and Carl are away. Nicola stirs by telling Paul that Ivan finds women attractive as well as men. Paul is left thoughtful and later refuses when Ivan suggests that they go out. Laurel asks Nicola again if she has fallen for Ivan. After initially lying, Nicola confirms that she has feelings for Ivan and that she doesn't think he is really gay. Laurel warns her that messing around with her brother's boyfriend is the last thing that she needs. Nicola is undeterred.


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