Joe makes clear of his disapproval of Ruth removing the copse, and Ruth tells Annie that she doesn't want to be bullied by local farmers like her brother was. Amos asks Phyllis to the ball but is shocked when he realises he doesn't have the tickets.


Ruth makes waves at Emmerdale Farm when she supervises a bulldozer bashing down the copse. Joe remonstrates with her but she tells him she needs the land. That evening Annie tackles Ruth over the copse business. Ruth explains that she has a brother who failed as a farm-manager because he was bullied by the local farmers. She doesn't want to go the same way but in future she agrees to consult her neighbours a bit more. Down at The Woolpack, Henry gets Amos' goat when he asks him who he is taking to the Press Ball that night, especially since there doesn't seem to be anyone except Mrs Acaster. Eventually Amos bows to the inevitable and invites her to the ball, but there is a more terrible fate in store for Amos. When they arrive at the Pump Room he reaches inside his pocket only to find that he hasn't got his wallet. And his wallet contained the tickets!


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