George goes on a mission to hunt down the person responsible for trashing his good name, and attacks Jack when Laura reveals it was him.


George talks to Jack about Laura. Jack tells him to give her the divorce. Alison mentions selling food in The Woolpack to Amos, she makes him see that he's running the place in an old-fashioned way. Henry starts planning for a piggery. Joe and Matt worry about Jack's reaction. George tells Laura she can have the divorce. Emmerdale Farm Limited meet for a meeting. Henry proposes his idea for a piggery. As predicted, Jack reacts badly stating what Henry is proposing is factory farming and he wants no part of it. Annie has to step in when Henry and Jack's argument turns personal, she reminds Jack that he had his chance to run the farm and now decisions have to be decided between them all. Jack walks out, promising he won't make it easy for them. Alison asks Jack to borrow a copy of his book, he invites her up the millhouse to lend her a copy. An article appears in the newspaper about Frank's refusal to shoe George's horses and his connection to East Pennine Investments who have issued Frank with an eviction notice. He confronts Frank accusing him of contacting the press, but Frank insists he didn't. Reverend Ruskin and Liz are surprised by the article, Reverend Ruskin believes Henry is behind it. Alison rushes off to try to catch the bakers van to supply The Woolpack with rolls. Jack rings Laura, she informs him she's back in Beckindale. She swears George would have had nothing to do with Frank's eviction notice. She quickly hangs up the phone when George walks in. George threatens to have it out with Henry. Laura tells him it wasn't Henry, it was Jack. George catches up with him outside of The Woolpack and strikes him three times on the face with his horsewhip.


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