As Nicola tries to apologise to Ivan he cruelly blasts her. Later, Lesley, convinced Nicola and Ivan are having an affair, demands an explanation from Nicola. Still hurting from their earlier conversation, Nicola doesn’t deny the accusation. Disgusted Lesley threatens to tell Paul unless she hands over Mulberry Cottage to Simon. However, refusing to be blackmailed, Nicola tells her to go ahead and tell anyone she wants. Lesley heads straight to Rodney and when he confronts his daughter, Nicola expertly plays the victim, allowing Rodney to believe Ivan took advantage of her. Elsewhere, Hari is still convinced that Paddy has feelings for Toni so tries to mould him into her perfect man. Meanwhile, Scott admits to Kelly that Dawn has been really helpful and concedes that now the moment's passed, he regrets shopping her to the Benefit Fraud Office. But as Kelly hopes his regret is not too late, Scott is sure that if they were going to act they would have done so already.


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