Rodney informs Paul of Ivan’s infidelity, and when a livid Paul confronts Ivan, he is quick to deny the accusations. Annoyed that Paul won’t believe him, Ivan seeks out Nicola. In The Woolpack, Ivan confronts Nicola in front of everyone, insisting she tell the truth. Feigning hurt, Nicola lambastes Ivan for denying that they’ve been together. An angry Rodney intervenes and sends off Ivan as he comforts Nicola. Laurel aware of Nicola's crush on Ivan asks her what is going on. Nicola once again lies and tells her she and Ivan slept together. Rodney continues to comfort Nicola, much to Paul's annoyance. Meanwhile, having misread the signals, Toni is angry when Hari rejects her. However, back at home, her anger turns to upset and she seeks comfort from Paddy.


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