A vicious little bitch until the end, Nicola is run out of town. Laurel lets it slip to Ivan that Nicola has admitted she lied. Ivan goes to confront Nicola who is unrepentant and says she will do as she pleases. Later, Laurel challenges her friend again and insists she tell the truth. They have a row, culminating with Laurel throwing Nicola out of Mill Brook Cottage. Nicola really has no-one left. At lunchtime, everyone is gathered in The Woolpack. Rodney implores his daughter not to leave the village, he feels that the family can sort it all out. Laurel interjects spurring Nicola on to tell the truth. But she can't go through with it. She just asks her dad to take her home. Laurel is perplexed as she was convinced her friend was finally going to make things right so she takes charge of the situation and reveals all Nicola's said about Ivan is a lie. Against a crowd of disgust, Nicola systematically launches into a character assassination of all assembled including Simon, Paul and Rodney. Ivan drags her out. As Nicola gets into her car she is surprised that Rodney has followed her. He hands her a £50,000 cheque. Nicola is elated. Just outside the village, Nicola phones her mum and tells her that Rodney has treated her abominably. Lying to the end, Nicola's mum agrees to take her in. Nicola leaves the village without a hint of remorse.


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