Having stayed the night at Chas's, Katie tells her that she hoped that she and Andy had a chance of getting back together but says that his behaviour towards her the previous day implied that he's not interested. She can't believe he's turned his back on her. Chas points out that Andy might have got the wrong message about Kieran. Katie resolves to have it out with Andy. Meanwhile, Andy seeks Daz out and tells him he can move back home - Katie is gone for good. Katie finally bites the bullet and tells Andy that she loves him. Andy confesses his fears that if he takes her back, Katie will leave him again - reassured by Katie's words, Andy can't resist taking the plunge, and they are both delighted and relieved to be back in each other's arms. When Andy doesn't turn up to collect Daz, Jack runs Daz up to the farm with his belongings. They're stunned when they arrive, only to discover Andy and Katie are back together and Katie is staying put. Debbie is thrilled when Jasmine opts to hang out at the Cricket Pavilion with her rather than doing her homework. The girls enjoy a giggle and Jasmine impresses Debbie by breaking into the pavilion, declaring it their new hide out. Jasmine spots Daz hovering close by, and noting that he is tearful, she goes to check he's okay. Daz expresses his fear that he'll lose his brother. Jasmine tries to offer some support but when Debbie calls her back, she leaves Daz desperately alone. Jack's convinced that Katie and Andy's relationship is doomed. Katie and Andy go to the pub to face down village scorn. Matthew cuts his losses and accepts Jimmy's offer to buy his and Sadie's shares at a reduced price of £180,000 without telling Sadie. Alice and Sam proudly take Samson into the village for the first time to show him off. Laurel's attempts to revive the choir mostly lead to squabbling between Edna and Betty. In waiting for the right biological time to conceive a baby, Viv and Bob avoid sexual temptation.


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