Jasmine bows out of a day with an old friend from boarding school in favour of spending time with Debbie. As they enjoying mucking around at the Cricket Pavilion, Debbie hopes that Jasmine hasn't abandoned her school books for her, but Jasmine insists that she wants a bit of fun. Later on, Noreen approaches the Pavilion and is shocked to realise that someone has broken in. Debbie fronts up to her and an incensed Noreen makes to strike her. As Debbie tries to defend herself she knocks off Noreen's wig. A traumatised Noreen flees, leaving Debbie and Jasmine in fits of nervous giggles. Katie tells Jack that she acknowledges her previous mistakes and that she promises not to break Andy's heart again. Jack is dubious but takes her word for it. Katie heads into the village and sees Daz. She begs him to accept her relationship with Andy for Andy's sake. Tom invites Carl and Chas to move into Home Farm. Initially, Chas refuses, but she soon comes around to the idea of being the new lady of the manor. Ashley worries that Debbie is a bad influence on Jasmine. Alice gets ready for her next chemo session, but is sad that she'll have to be away from Sam and Samson for five days. Laurel tries to recruit new members to join the choir, but only Louise volunteers!


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