Horsing around, Rosemary gets the last laugh with Sadie. Matthew insists that he should accompany Sadie to the Sinclairs' as he is certain that they won't hand over the settlement without a fight. When they arrive, Rosemary is very cool and she invites them to sample her new French chef's cuisine. After the meal, Rosemary's conducts the handover. As Sadie reads the document Rosemary smugly notes that though the company was worth a million on Friday, it is now worth nothing. As a final blow, Rosemary announces that the French cuisine they have just eaten was Sadie's beloved horse Cossack. Feeling sick, a distraught Sadie leaves. Matthew later tells Sadie that from now on he's going to assert himself in their business affairs. Meanwhile, Jimmy warns an unhappy Tom that Sadie doesn't seem to have any plans to leave the village. Rodney talks to Louise about Paul and gets the wrong idea when she says that he may still be down over Ivan, he wonders what he can do to help. Rodney invites Paul to sample his new wine and over the drinks, Rodney apologises for lavishing his attentions on Nicola. During their heart to heart Rodney exposes his own flaws and admits he's been out of line by not understanding Paul's sexuality. They have a nice moment as Rodney tells Paul that he's proud of him. Viv is annoyed when she discovers that Jamie has been keeping some of the café profits to himself by serving up Sunday dinners to the punters. Alice discovers she can't go home yet. Sam is sad that he can't do anything to help her at the moment. Simon is looking for love.


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