Rodney decides that now is the time to help Paul out and at The Woolpack’s 70's disco night announces that it's clear Paul still loves Ivan and they should try again. It is evident Paul has moved on from Ivan but there's a flicker of thought from Ivan when Paul moves away. Elsewhere, to make room for shooting parties lodging at the B&B, Steph surprises Adam by moving all his belongings into her room. The pair enjoy some intimacy but Steph notes that so far their relationship has been about her and she asks Adam about his past. The doctor is firm that he doesn’t want to talk about it. Meanwhile, Alice decides to come home early from hospital but when she tries to hold Samson she stumbles with him. Alice assures Sam that it's nothing to worry about, but Sam tells her to stop pretending everything's okay. Demanding the truth from her, Alice admits her frustration that despite her will being strong, her body seems to be letting her down. Jimmy plays hard to get with Don Clough, but an eavesdropping Sadie realises he's serious about the bid, and she and Matthew will have to move fast to get the haulage business. Jamie unsuccessfully tries to sell the cherub vase to Edna.


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